Plastic furniture

Plastic Furniture

Plastic Furniture Collection

Plastic Furniture Collection

Maxima Furnitures manufactures a variety of high quality plastic home furniture, such as:

Cupboard & Drawer
Container & Box Storage
Storage Rack

Maxima Furnitures is located in Indonesia, offering high quality products at competitive prices. We have experience in shipping overseas and every year, we always participate in trade expo events. For more information, press the button below :

Chairs Collection

Maxima furniture products always prioritize comfort and quality. There are various types of chairs such as stool, study chairs, office chairs, leisure chairs.

Cupboard & drawer

Plastic drawers & cupboard also have the main advantage of being termite-resistant and easy to clean. The installation process is easy so there is no need to use the services of an expert.

Storage Container

Storage Container boxes with various size have the latest designs and colors. Equipped with a cover, making the stored items not easy to get dusty.

Plastic Storage Rack

Plastic storage rack Maxima such as trolley rack has the advantage of making items or toys neatly organized and very easy to move because it has a light weight and is portable or easy to assemble.

Standardized Grade Colors

High Quality Materials

Elegant, Modern Design

Affordable Price

Best Selling Products

List of Plastic Furniture Products from Maxima Furnitures.


Container Box Rapika


Storage Rack Semeru


Cupboard Rotan 4 Stack


short chair Smile

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